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You may now schedule a 90 minute reiki/spirit message session with Dari and receive all the benefits of reiki followed by a physic reading.

Reiki is an unseen energy force that flows through and around all living things, including the air we breathe. When this life energy is depleted the body has difficulty healing itself. Reiki practitioners are channels for this powerful healing energy.

Reiki treatments are done fully clothed, on a massage table, usually covered by a blanket. Your practitioner uses her hands to channel and increase the flow of energy within the body, for the purpose of strengthening the energy system (aura). You can expect to feel warmth or tingling during your treatment and usually profound relaxation.

Reiki dramatically reduces pain and discomfort from illness, migraines, post-surgical recovery, injuries such as cuts, bruises and burns. Reiki calms and relaxes the body so it is excellent for stress, anxiety, mood swings, PMS, and depression. When our energy is flowing optimally, our bodies are able to fight off infections and maintain a healthier state of being, both physically and mentally.

Now being used by nurses in many hospitals - reiki has been shown to speed healing in recovery from illness or surgery.                           



Dari is  a   certified Usui Reiki Master and graduate of Dove Star School of Holistic Technology. Dari’s passion is understanding and working with the mind-body-spirit connection and how we can all incorporate it into every day living.   Dari’s extensive knowledge of the human energy system, along with her compassionate nature, allows her clients to feel safe and relaxed during a session. Her down to earth, intuitive and easygoing personality has built her a very loyal client following for reiki and all types of energy healing.



$99 for reiki followed by a psychic reading (90 minutes)


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